Simtarget (tm) 2019
Simtarget shoot training system
Tech info
Technical description A system includes: 1 pcs PC with OS  Windows. 1 pcs projector, 4000 ansilumen 1 pcs soundsystem,  2 speakers. (specific Simtarget parts) 1 pcs lasercamera, 126 FPS 1 st stand for projector and camera 1 pcs mockup shotgun rifle 1 pcs mockup sniper rifle, with red dot sight 1 pcs part for real rifles, batteries 2 pcs AAA 1 pcs USB radio comm interface Laserclass 3R (>3 mW,) 780 nm is used for all aimingparts. Battery rifles: 2 pcs AA (3V) The system can be projected at a wall or screen 3-8 meters wide. 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 formats in all resolutions. Shooting distance should be at least 1.5* screem width. The projector/camera stand kan be on a table or mounted in the roof. Max distance between computer and camera is 5 meters without amplifiers.